Guided Experiential & 

Relational Recovery


Through my work with hundreds of men just like you, I have learned what truly helps men succeed. The LINKT methodology is the Eternal Principles signature experiential and relational approach to recovery. It combines traditional therapeutic approaches, classical recovery teachings, coaching principles and other techniques. We use these principles to form a genuine connection, which is the indispensable requirement to convert someone from a path of addiction and self-destruction to a path of recovery and fulfillment. Through relationships we learn and develop, and the relationship itself acts as the vehicle for growth and change. In developing an empowering connection with my clients, together we are able to catalyze personal evolution. If I am LINKT with my client, then we have a relationship that can help guide them to recovery. 

Together, we will use our relationship – one based on mutual trust and shared action – as a laboratory for your understanding and development. And because men learn primarily through experience (instead of just talking), all of the work we do is in action in the community. I am not interested in simply talking to you about your feelings and your problems, although we will do some of that. I am more excited to help you get into action and move towards your dream life. I serve as an experienced guide who will help you learn how to move beyond the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals.