"I would highly recommend Gregory as a therapist and addiction counselor. When we were confronted with our sons substance abuse problem a colleague recommended Gregory. Under his counsel, my son went from using pot and alcohol daily to spending the entire summer sober. We have come so far, and could not have done so without his help."


"Working with Gregory was a critical piece to my experience in treatment. Our group therapy sessions were guided by him in a very safe, open, and focused environment. He was constantly challenging our group to support each other in recovery through honest feedback and open emotional dialogue. Gregory also helped me immensely to work on getting in touch with my own emotional state, and to be responsible for communicating those emotions with others. Our sessions were always engaging, progressive, and rewarding. I really valued my relationship with Gregory and our group, and I continue to apply today what I learned from those experiences."


"We are so appreciative of  your guidance during a very difficult time. You really are exceptional at your profession. We are very grateful for having received your counsel." 

"Greg is knowledgeable and he is an excellent listener. He replays to people in a kind way. The education he provided on understanding the family process and the addict's behavior was very valuable. He is an excellent presenter."


"Gregory offers solid, practical advice, and brings years of experience in the field to the table."

"I found Gregory to be very knowledgable and well trained in the subject matter. Of all the meetings/groups I have attended in the last three years of this journey, this was by far the most helpful."