I must embody the values and virtues that I are attempting to help the client internalize. I aim to inspire them through leadership-by-example. It is a way of being and relating that generates inspiration and growth. 



Ikigai is Japanese for "reason for being.” Men must have a guiding purpose; a path in life that they connect to and enjoy.  I have learned that choosing and traveling a path in life is vital to your growth. The path you are on in life gives birth to you as a man.



Total honesty with the client is an essential part of growth. It creates a real relationship. Hearing, facing and speaking the truth opens the door to reality. I aim to be completely honest with my clients.


All learning must take place in action. Men learn through experience, not through talking. Talk alone does not accomplish the deeper change we are searching for. We respect all non-verbal learning. Use and exchange of energy is the crucial ingredient to growth and transformation.


We do things together until they are strong enough internally to take action alone. As the Guide becomes involved in the client's life and "gets into their orbit,” we can start to positively influence their course and help them align with their true nature and purpose. This is a process of evolving togetherness, where presence becomes meaningful relationship.