We are the Premier Recovery Counseling Service in the Tri-State Area.


Guided by Gregory Koufacos, an addiction professional with 12 years of experience in the field, we provide a variety of services and plans that fit your needs.


addiction counselor

For men ages 18-35 who typically have not succeeded or who have rejected traditional forms of therapy.


therapy in motion

We meet clients in their environment and teach them life skills to adapt and succeed from where they are.


recovery specialist

Eternal Principles specializes in and remains the premier recovery counseling service in the tri-state area.


the eternal principles approach

Life is meant to be experienced.

Only action can help you create the life you want.

Only connection can help you change, grow and recover. 

There is a reality outside of the one you are experiencing. We are here to help you create it.


The only therapeutic approach that matters to us, is one that works.

As men, we are meant to be in motion. Decades of traditional talk therapy has been proven ineffective for many young men seeking help. That is why Eternal Principles uses a unique and signature therapeutic model that actively engages our clients in their own process of healing.

Our Therapy in Motion model focuses completely on an individual client's needs. We meet our clients when and where is most effective for them, not us. Our counselors meet with clients in their environment and connect with them at their level. We don't just talk about what happened, we walk alongside our clients through the recovery process–we are part of the happening. We work with each and every client to establish new values and principles that will last a lifetime.

Eternal Principles serves a variety of clients confronting addiction/substance abuse, mental health issues, and common challenges related to their current life-stage.

our clients might:

  • Resist traditional talk therapy

  • Act oppositional/defiant

  • Have experienced trauma

  • Have co-occurring disorders

  • Resists 12 Step models

  • Struggle academically

  • Conflict with family

  • Experience low self-esteem

  • Exhibit Depression, ADHD or anxiety


Samuel Sharmat M.D.

"Gregory takes action and encourages the young men he mentors to take action too. His work is transformative and incredibly helpful. He is one of my favorite treatment professionals."